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New May 2015

The Jailbreaker

The Jailbreaker have broken out of jail again! The police are coming after him. He needs your helps!

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Swipy Snake

Swipe across the screen to control Snake! How big can you get your Snake?:O

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New May 2015

Tumbly Ninja

Tumbly Ninja is tumbling down again :o. Take control over Tumbly Ninja before he gets hurt!

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Dotty Flap

Flap the Dotty through the pipes!

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Dodgy Dot

Watch out!! Dodge the dots by tapping on the screen. The more dots you dodge the more points you get.

How many points can you get?

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A rally simple and effective dice app. Hope you enjoy it.

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Dumpy Dot

Watch out! Jump over the creats!

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Image Picker

Want to show your friend a picture, but you do not want her to swipe through your images? Here is the app for you. Image Picker lets you select one picture at the time. You will never have to worry about awkward situations again.

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Shooty Dot

The aliens are coming to invaid your neighbourhood! Shoot'em before they can land. You get a point for every alien you shoot

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